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Author: Barton George

Fixing Your Org by Continually Breaking It - DevOps Days Austin


Here is the third post in a six part series focusing on  DevOps Days Austin. Following Cote’s presentation, next in the line up of speakers on day one was Paul Read of Release Engineering Approaches.

Paul’s talk tackles the “importance of continually breaking your organization with experiments, some surprising examples, and how to do it in such a way that you aren’t left with a broken organization.”

Take a listen, and check out his awesome tie! (also see his slides below)

Some of the ground Paul covers:

  • Learning from Toyota Kata
  • The culture of continuous learning and experimentation/improvement
  • Making “the pain visible”
  • Where Paul sees DevOps going in the future

Still to come

  • Cameron Haight – Gartner
  • John Willis – Docker
  • Barton George (Sputnik ignite talk) – Dell

Extra credit reading

Pau for now…

Posted Sun 28 June 2015 by Barton George in devops (devops)

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